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A preparation for strengthening and accelerating the growth of natural eyelashes.

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Tonic eyelash growth by LASH SECRET - a product designed to save your natural beauty. Native genes are subjected to many tests every day, the use of mascara, eyelash extensions, long laminators, the environment and other factors. Such loads spoil the appearance of natural lashes, slow down their growth and even contribute to hair loss.

LASH SECRET Eyebrow tonic can change the situation. The components included in its composition activate the growth of hair, due to which the lashes become not only longer, but also thicker. Eyelashes stop falling out and healthy, dense and strong hair begins to grow in place of those that have already fallen out.

The renewed tonic formula contains a complex of phyto-extracts and active ingredients that stimulate growth, nourish, give shine and strengthen natural eyelashes.

Honey extract is a natural moisturizing and emollient complex, rich in vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts and other substances. It is an optimal humidity regulator from an environmental point of view. Improves eyelash structure, improves the ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture. It has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Gives shine to the eyelashes.

Rosemary extract - Contains 0.5% alkaloids (rosemary), up to 8% tannins, flavones, b-sitosterol, nicotinic, glycolic, caffeic and rosemary acids. It has antiseptic properties, has a tonic and disinfectant effect, an antioxidant.

Sea buckthorn extract - strengthens hair follicles, prevents eyelash loss, softens, nourishes. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, unique regenerating properties.

Glycerin is a potentiator of active ingredients, a powerful moisturizer. Makes eyelashes elastic, increases endurance.

Caffeine - stimulates blood circulation and activates eyelash growth.

Coconut BPM - actively moisturizes and nourishes cilia, adds shine and has cleansing properties.

Storage conditions stored in a tightly closed container at temperatures from +5 to + 25 ° C, away from sunlight and heaters

Shelf life 12 months

Number of treatments  25-35


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